PDO Threads

What are PDO Threads?

PoliDiOxanone or PDO threads are synthetic, absorbable suture material, that when placed under the skin, stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, delaying the signs of aging skin. This FDA approved procedure is an alternative to surgical face lift with minimal downtime. The results are immediately visible and the complications are infrequent and minor.

PDO threads have a long history of safety in surgery and they have been used in pediatric cardiac surgery, orthopedic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, neurosurgery and cosmetic surgery.

There are 2 types or PDO threads: lifting threads and solid threads. They both work by building your own collagen resulting in thicker and tighter skin.

What are the indications of PDO threads?

PDO threads are excellent tools for skin rejuvenation. PDO smooth threads are indicated for frown lines, crows feet, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, smoker lip lines, oral commissures, vermillion border and philtrum pop, neck and décolletage rejuvenation, and more!

Lifting threads will address what botulinum toxin and dermal fillers will not correct: sagging and creepy skin, and improving the contour of your jaw line.

Smooth threads can also be use to treat hair loss and the results are great when combine with other therapeutic meassures like nutrition, medications, Platelet Rich Plasma and Low Level Light Therapy.

What should I expect the day of the procedure?

After cleaning your skin, the doctor will apply anesthesia (local or topical). The procedure will take approximately 30-45 minutes, depending on the treatment area and the type of threads used (smooth vs lifting).

You will be given verbal and written instructions on the do’s and dont’s after the treatment, like avoid active sports for a couple of days, massages, facials and lasers for approximately one month, etc.

What kind of complications should I expect with PDO threads?

Needle marks, bruising, swelling and pain are expected. Lifting threads will take longer time to heal than smooth threads.

How long will the results last?

You will note immediate results that will improve after 4-6 weeks. The best results occur in 3-6 months and they will last 12-18 months depending on the lifestyle and metabolism of the patient. We recommend maintenance treatments after 12 months or at the patient’s and doctor’s discretion.

Am I a candidate for PDO threads?

After taking a complete medical history and  discussing your cosmetic goals, Dr Veber will evaluate your areas of concern and will design the best treatment modality to enhance your natural beauty. Our phylosophy is that you look refreshed and youthful but not overdone.

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