Human Amniotic Tissue Graft

What is a Human Amniotic Tissue Allograft?

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The amniotic tissue is a membrane that covers the placenta.

An allograft is a transplant where the donor and the recipient are from the same species.

Therefore, Human Amniotic Tissue Allograft is the transplant of human amniotic tissue from one person to another. This procedure is done at the time of a PRP procedure. To learn more about PRP, click here.

What can Human Amniotic Tissue Graft help treat?

Human Amniotic Tissue is a source of collagen, numerous growth factors, proteins and powerful cells with the ability to recruit and activate our own hair follicle’s stem cell. Research and clinical practice have shown that this type of biological material has a significant role in wound healing, tissue reconstruction and repair.

What are the advantages of choosing a human allograft?

Human Amniotic Tissue has a unique characteristic. Unlike other products in the market, this material is immuno-privileged —it rarely elicits an immune response or is rejected by the human body.

How is the amniotic tissue collected?

The tissue for this allograft is acquired from healthy pregnant women who undergo a Cesarean Section. Right after the birth of the baby, the tissue is extracted under sterile conditions from the placenta, and then it is cryo-preserved at -80°C to maintain its nature.

This product is available only through a licensed health care provider.

How is the graft done?

It is simple and safe. This allograft is done in patients that receive a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for hair loss. At the time of the PRP procedure, the frozen specimen is left to thaw and then it is combined with the plasma in the same syringe.

What are the results?

The clinical use of PRP has been very positive resulting in the activation of dormant hair follicles and the stimulation of new hair. The combination of PRP with Human Amniotic Tissue Graft has shown better results that last longer than PRP alone.

How many treatments will I need?

Outcomes vary from person to person.

For PRP alone (without the graft) the protocol includes 3 treatments, one month apart. Results may last 6-9 months.

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