Formula 82M Serum

Advance Hair Growth Serum For Women & Men

What is Formula 82M?

Formula 82M is an FDA approved compounded prescription solution that contains Minoxidil, Retinoic Acid, and a blend of other ingredients including an anti-androgen, an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant. The combination of these ingredients has shown to work better than minoxidil alone.

Is this product the same as Rogaine?

Rogaine and Formula 82M share Minoxidil as the main active ingredient. But the addition of Retinoic Acid for enhanced penetration and the blend of ingredients make Formula 82M a much better product than Minoxidil alone.


What are the advantages of using Formula 82M over Rogaine?

The most common complaints patients have from Rogaine is that produces irritation of the scalp, itching sensation, leaving the hair oily and difficult to handle.

Formula 82M is non-greasy, it dries quickly and it does not contain propylene glycol, an alcohol present in Rogaine, responsible for scalp irritation, flakiness and scaliness.
Furthermore, the application of minoxidil alone has hair regrowth effects mainly in the vertex of the scalp, while the combination of the ingredients in Formula 82M, results in-hair regrowth in all areas of the scalp.

How does Formula 82M work?

Minoxidil promotes vasodilation of the scalp and over time stimulates weak and dormant follicles to produce longer, thicker and stronger hair.

Are there any side effects of Formula 82M?

Side effects are uncommon due to the addition of an anti-inflammatory ingredient.

How is Formula 82M applied?

We advise to apply 20 drops of Formula 82M to the scalp twice a day. If the product is well tolerated, the dose may be increased during the course of the treatment.

Allow 2-3 hours before swimming, showering or engaging in strenuous exercise to ensure that the product is completely absorbed.

When will I start seeing results from the treatment?

In general terms, hair growth can be measured with HairCheck as early as 10-12 weeks from starting the medication, but results take at least 6 months to be evident to the naked eye or in pictures.

How do I know if I am a candidate for Formula 82M?

The best way is to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr Veber. The earlier you start the treatment, the better your results will be.

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